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8. Quatre cançons de bressol catalanes (per a veu i conjunt instrumental)

8. Quatre cançons de bressol catalanes (per a veu i conjunt instrumental)-Songs by Narcís Bonet-Musicography

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Narcís Bonet




Songs by Narcís Bonet Nr. 8




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Vídeo amb la partitura i la pronunciació dels textos

We decided it was essential to make a video recording of all the songs in Catalan to allow the listener to follow the sheet music and song on the screen and to enable these compositions to be heard and enjoyed around the world. Various members of the Bonet family have participated, lending their voice to these poetic readings. We have grouped the pieces into different cycles following the organization Narcís Bonet himself used.


Quatre cançons de bressol catalanes per a veu i conjunt instrumental. (Four Traditional Catalan Lullabies for voice and instrumental ensemble)

Narcís Bonet wrote the harmonies for all but one of the Cançons de bressol populars catalanes (Traditional Catalan Lullabies) in 1962, the year his daughter Anna was born. The third piece Sant Joan (Saint John) was written in 1956. These delicate and precise harmonies were originally written for a string and harp quartet. In 1963 the Agrupació de Cambra de Barcelona (Chamber Music Group of Barcelona) recorded them with Antònia Jordà as
Later, Narcís Bonet transcribed the pieces for soprano and piano. We performed them together, with Narcís on the piano.
There are two important recordings of these lullabies with Narcís Bonet playing piano: the first has Laurence Monteyrol as soprano, a role I perform on the second one.

Hélène Bonet-Giraudier


I- Son, soneta...
II- Vou. veri bou
III- Sant Joan, feu-lo ben gran
IV- La mare de Déu

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17 x 24 cm, vertical


Paperback with flaps. Matt plastic-coated.

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Cover Designer

Hélène Giraudier

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Publication with downloadable files

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