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El llibre d'orgue de Calaf

El llibre d'orgue de Calaf-Calaix de solfa-Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level-Scores Elementary

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Jaume Carrer

Critical Edition

Josep Crivillé


Josep Crivillé
Ramon Vilar


Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level
Scores Elementary


Calaix de solfa Nr. 17


Catalan, Music



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With the publishing of the Llibre d’orgue de Calaf, this historic document is restored to the town of Calaf. It is a thorough and careful critical edition by late Josep Crivillé i Bargalló, who at the age of 17 in 1964 bought the manuscript at the mercat de Sant Antoni in Barcelona. His early ethomusicologic flair was in tune with what the people at the Obra del Cançoner Popular de Catalunya (OCPC) had already noticed: the importance of these librettos, where organists noted down the fashionable melodies of their time to play them in liturgical celebration of certain festivities along the year.

At the time of Crivillé’s buying of this manuscript, the main body of the OCPC materials were kept in Switzerland, which made them unavailable to consult, and even more so to young musicologists of the 60s. Thus, the existence of this manuscript led a number of researchers to assiduously refer to this original; Crivillé reluctantly accepted, jealous as he was of the fruits of his personal research. He finally decided to publish a complete edition of the Llibre d’orgue de Calaf, thus its reference became of public domain.

Josep Crivillé’s critical study of the Llibre d'orgue de Calaf is meticulous, especially in its Notes sobre la seva morfologia (Notes on the morphology). It is faithful to Crivillé’s log defended judgement that it was not enough to publish popular and folk melodies – of which Catalan culture is certainly rich –, but thoughtful research ought to be carried on their context, their musical substance, their lyrics and their organologic features.



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