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Escucha-Imagina-Representa 2 (Mestre)

Escucha-Imagina-Representa 2 (Mestre)-Escucha, imagina, representa-Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level-Music Schools and Conservatoires Advanced Level-Scores Advanced-Scores Intermediate

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Germán Romero
Mauricio Lazorczyk
Paola Aguilera


Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level
Music Schools and Conservatoires Advanced Level
Scores Advanced
Scores Intermediate


Escucha, imagina, representa Nr. 2


Spanish, Catalan, English



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In July 2015, the first volume of the “Escucha-Imagina-Representa” (Listen-Imagine-Perform) auditory training notebooks for children was drafted as part of the activities undertaken by the Escuela Superior de Música (ESM) of the Instituto de Bellas Artes’s management to improve the academic level of Elementary Level students. Through its Teaching, Research and Diseemination of the Arts support program, the Centro Nacional de las Artes backed this project, granting the funds that enabled publication of the notebook.

This second volume is a continuation of the project and is aimed at children and young people who have taken sol-fa and auditory training for at least two years. The book’s work plan was designed in accordance with the thematic contents of the ESM’s Elementary Level. The RHYTHM section continues to work with the rhythmic figures from Volume 1, while adding more complex figures subdivided into four parts of the unit of time, the compound meter and the triplet. In TONAL MUSIC, exercises aim to enable students to differentiate between major and minor modes, the harmonic minor scale and new major and minor tone key signatures are introduced, and harmony continues to be analysed, adding chords IV and II. In INTERVALS the second major and minor are added to the perfect fourth, fifth and octave, studied in the first volume. In order to familiarise children and young people with other musical languages, the NON-TONAL MUSIC section has been added to this volume.

In line with the educational vision set forth in Volume 1, this new notebook contains activities such as writing, completing and recognising differences in rhythmic lines, melodies, intervals, harmonic coding, dynamics and articulation, as well as structural auditory analysis. Due to student interest in the REPERTOIRE section exercises in Volume 1 and their tried and tested pedagogical value in the classroom, the number of exercises based on musical repertoire has been considerably increased in this volume, and it includes pieces that have been especially composed for this book.
We hope that this volume is useful for teachers and students who wish to continue training in professional music listening.

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