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Música petita

Música petita -Música petita per a piano-Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level-Scores Intermediate

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Bartomeu J. Barceló Ginard


Music Schools and Conservatoires Intermediate Level
Scores Intermediate


Música petita per a piano Nr. 1


Spanish, Catalan, English


Book with CD

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26.00 € VAT included

Contents of the downloadable related material:


PDF document with a difficulty level list of the pieces that can be downloaded for free from the “Downloads” section of your User area.

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MÚSICA PETITA is an adult’s look back to their childhood, where moments are seen in a fresh and renewed way, as little ones see them. It is transparent and noble music that renders a journey within palpable, generates small windows that open up to the most precious places in one’s memory, glances that capture essences...

Because of their quality, these small pieces provide us with extremely good working material for learning piano. Depending on their degree of difficulty, we can place them in a field ranging from the first elementary course to the second year of intermediate level music education.

As for style, the various languages of the Western music of the last few centuries are combined with skill throughout the four notebooks to create a work in which the influence of J.S. Bach is especially evident. The composer marries this influence with a more current style, until spontaneously developing his own language.

The work is one of varying sensitivity that enables you to efficiently work on different technical interpretation aspects without ever overlooking its artistic purpose.
Josep Bellver
"El cor de l'infant somia fragàncies tendres, un anhel color de sons.
A l'altre part del misteri, l'intèrpret toca les ones blanques, cançons primigènies... Música petita"
Bartomeu J. Barceló




Música petita s'estructura en 47 peces, ordenades en quatre quaderns:
1. Aurora's Notebook: Teh first grandchild is born.
2. Arthur's Notebook: A song for my little boy.
3. Notebook of Resonances: A mother sings cradling her little one.
4. Rose's Notebook: A dautghet gifts the first melody.
El nivell de dificultat abarca des de primer curs de grau elemental fins a segon curs de grau mig. Descarrega't la llista de nivells per poder treballar millor!

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21 x 29,7 cm, vertical


Staple. Plastic-coated cover. Parts included as inserts.


Score and parts

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Number of Pages





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Josep Bellver


Josep Bellver

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