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Creatividad y educación musical: actualizaciones y contextos

Creatividad y educación musical: actualizaciones y contextos-Manuales Universitarios-Scores Intermediate

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Josep Gustems


Scores Intermediate


Manuales Universitarios Nr. 2





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Since the first studies in the fields of psychology and human sciences, and by the army, we have witnessed the publication of many papers addressing the issue of creativity, its causes, its techniques and its transcendence. This book aims at being an update to the issue, focusing on a very specific field: music and music education.
The subject of creativity stands out for its ability to fascinate readers and, in our case, the Author; it faces us with the magic and the power of changing the world. Creativity is one of the tools of our action towards the future and, in that sense, it is a never ending source of pleasure.
We know creativity can be developed; that it is a potential we awake in ourselves or in those around us. Thus, it has been a recurring and interdisciplinary issue within teachers’ syllabuses and social action professionals. Arts are not creativity’s only suitable scenery, but the world of business has nowadays found in it one of the means to climb out of the global crisis. And so agreed Einstein when he said that “In times of crisis, only imagInation is more important than knowledge.“
The EU made 2009 the International Year of Creativity and Innovation. It was the birthplace of many initiatives, documents and reports. As musicians, artists, teachers and researchers, we followed suit and, now, present you with this study, which tries to address some of the core ideas and context relating creativity to music in many fields, be they formal or non-formal, interdisciplinary, intercultural, generational, theoretical and practical, etc. 


- La investigación en Creatividad: modelos teóricos, evaluación y propuestas para su desarrollo
- Seis invitaciones para una educación musical creativa
- Crear o improvisar con movimiento y música
- Creatividad musical y nuevas tecnologías
- Arreglar música para el aula: una propuesta para el docente creativo
- Aportaciones de la musicoterapia al bienestar personal
I- nterdisciplinariedad y creatividad: la hibridación de ámbitos en el pensamiento
- Creación de material musical intercultural
- Ocio y música para jóvenes: una educación creativa
- Creatividad en la iniciación musical de los adultos

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