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Frullato 3

Frullato 3-Frullato-Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level

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Josep Maria Pladevall


Carles Fernández


Music Schools and Conservatoires Elementary Level


Frullato Nr. 3


Spanish, Catalan, Music, English



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21.00 € VAT included


This book, written as a class-book, covers the content of the third year of elementary studies. Like Frullato 1 and Frullato 2, this is chiefly a repertoire book. And it is likely meant to be the student’s book; that book always going along with the instrument. The music presented ranges in difficulty, making pupils further in their knowledge of the recorder. Pieces are mainly instrumental, although there are also plentiful songs. The book shows students a broad range of styles, going from folk songs and dances to artistic music of the Catalan musical tradition. Like in the previous books, lyrics to these songs are included, yet the key they have been transported to is sometimes not the most suitable one to sing. However, we think the text offers valuable insight to the character of the song. Most of the songs have been adapted to the recorder for the first time, resulting in an important addition to the instrument’s repertoire. 
This book is structured the same way as Frullato 1 and Frullato 2, in blocks each presenting a new fingering or technique. There are blocks dedicated to double and triple tonguing articulation. Each block also features solo pieces – to be accompanied by the teacher or advanced-level students at the piano or guitar – and duets, specially written for two students of the same level. Some of these duets are written for soprano and alto recorders since, in these courses, students are learning about both instruments. Also, these duets are both suitable for collective lessons or chamber music ensembles. Like in every Frullato, the featured pieces have not only been selected because of their didactic interest, but also for their public performance, where pupils learn the joy of sharing music.
The book Exercicis i estudis elemental per a flauta de bec soprano 2 – also by DINSIC – presents technique- oriented materials to work on, jointly with the repertoire in Frullato 3.


Descant Recorder, Guitar, Piano


Block 1: adding D’b
Block 2: adding B’
Block 3: adding double tonguing articulation in repeated notes
Block 4: adding B’b
Block 5: adding D#
Block 6: adding Ab
Block 7: adding Eb
Block 8: adding G’#
Block 9: adding double tonguing articulation in adjacent notes
Block 10: adding A’b and D’b
Block 11: adding C#
Block 12: adding triple tonguing articulation
Block 13: adding C’’

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21 x 29,7 cm, vertical




Book and appendix (sold as a single unit)

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